Keith Gilley is the sweetheart of the entertainment business.  With his outgoing personality and his desire to please his crowd, he is loved by all.
Keith being raised in the shadows of the old Gilley's nightclub in Pasadena has given Keith a love of the entertainment business.
Keith learned to play drums after playing the pots and pans during his Dad's (Mickey Gilley) practice sessions.  Keith excelled on the drums and started playing professional around the age of twelve.
One of his first bands included his twin sister Kathy Gilley and Brother Michael Gilley.  Kathy is now an Austin resident and still dabbles in the music business, while Michael is now the owner of a boat business in Pasadena.
Keith has a great love for his Dad's and his music as well as the days at the old gilley's club and cherishes the memories.   He is attempting to keep the memories alive by creating a dancehall that will hold the memories of the old gilley's club for all the many people that still love gilley's too and can share some of those memories with their children.
Keith's band now is The Urban Legend Band  where he performs as a frontman and occasional drummer.  You will find Keith on the dance floor interacting with the dancers and trying to bring smiles to everyone's face.  Keith is joined on stage by Tracey Kae one of the best female vocalist in the business.
Mickey Gilley and Band at old Gilley's Club in Pasadena
Keith enjoying a moment with his Dad